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Riflemen Testimonials

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Alan, here is the scorpion I was able to recover, this bullet was stuck in the hide on the far side, the shot was on a mature mule deer hard quarter towards me, it broke the shoulder, totally destroyed the vitals and continued on a straight path breaking the last two rear ribs and stopping at the hide, shot was approximately at 40 yards and performed just as I hoped for, Thanks for a awesome round, my setup was the Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain CR Sabot powered by 105 grains of Blackhorn 209/CCI mag primer, I had this setup shooting 3 touching holes time after time at 200 yards, thanks again and I look forward to being a long time customer and will endorse your products to anyone I come in contact with. --- Paul from Clearfield, UT

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I thought you might be interested in a three shot group that I fired.  Using a 300 gr PT Gold bullet and and a Harvester easy load magnum sabot in front of 105 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder I managed to get a .....we will let the jpegs talk!!   THANKS FOR GREAT PRODUCTS!!! Now I HAVE TO SEE WHAT WE DO AT EXTENDED RANGES! --- John from Decorah, IA


Amanda used our patented Crush Rib Sabot (H14540BR) to take here first ever deer. She took this nice 8 pointer. Great job Amanda!

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I am proud to tell you that we have harvested our first animal using Harvester bullets and sabots a few days ago.  My 12 year old son Lucas Madril shot this nice 5x5 elk using the 300 grain PT Scorpion bullets and crush rib sabots.  The rifle used was a TC .50 Cal Omega.  The bull was harvested on his first bull hunt, during the youth elk hunt here in southwest New Mexico.  My son and myself had several opportunities at other bulls but none presented adequate shots.  This bull was called out of his bed with a bugle from a saddle.  I bugled once from the saddle and the bull responded with a typical half hearted bugle from his afternoon bed.  We quickly set up on the other side of the saddle to attempt to call him in with cow calls.  After a few cow calls the bull quickly responded and was at the saddle in a minute or so.  As the bulked through the saddle I stopped him with another cow call.  He stopped broad side in the saddle which presented my son with a nice 60 yard shot.  The Omega roared and the bullet hit its mark with a double lung shot.  We watched the elk bed down on other side of the canyon and soon after expire.   With the bull down this marked the end the end of an awesome hunt and the beginning of congrats, high fives galore and a very happy young man with a smile from ear to ear. Awesome product at an affordable price! --- Carlos from Socorro, NM


Ordered your 260gr. Scorpion PT Gold and black crushed rib sabots. Sighting in was amazing to say the least. 3 shot groups were in most cases "cloverleaf". Could only sight in for 65yrds. due to time constraints etc. but sighted in at that range then and adjusted for 2" higher. Opening morning of the Vermont deer season sat on a rub line and just at daybreak took a nice 9 point buck. One shot..one kill! The accuracy of your products are nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for a great product line. --- George from Rutland, VT

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I just started using the Scorpion PT Gold tip bullets last season. I was very pleased with the blood trail the Scorpion bullets left. The buck ran about 40 yards ,and it looked like a hose was used to spray the trail. It was a very easy recovery. Keep in mind the bullet impacted in the same area. I will be using the Scorpions again this season.  Thanks for supplying us with an accurate , and devastating projectile. --- Hector from Davie, FL

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 First of all I have to say is thanks for a great product and phenomenal customer service!!! I had some difficulty with some other sabots and bullets but after contacting you and loading the samples you sent, I was sold. There is no turning back now. Harvester all the way!!!! 260 Grain Scorpion Gold PT's combined with Black Crush Ribs load like butter and are accurate as well.  Here is a picture of a 3 shot group I took using your products.  By the way this was my first outing with a smokepole. --- Lou from NY

Sam from OK

I took this nice Buffalo using your Saber Tooth bullets. One shot and down!

Recovered the bullet and  it traveled through the skull and lodged below the hump…..Very nice penetration!



Scott harvested this deer using our Scorpion PT Gold 260 grain bullet with our patented Crush Rib Sabots. --- Scott from LaPorte City, IA

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