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Ordered your 260gr. Scorpion PT Gold and black crushed rib sabots. Sighting in was amazing to say the least. 3 shot groups were in most cases "cloverleaf". Could only sight in for 65yrds. due to time constraints etc. but sighted in at that range then and adjusted for 2" higher. Opening morning of the Vermont deer season sat on a rub line and just at daybreak took a nice 9 point buck. One shot..one kill! The accuracy of your products are nothing short of fantastic. Thank you for a great product line. --- George from Rutland, VT

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I just started using the Scorpion PT Gold tip bullets last season. I was very pleased with the blood trail the Scorpion bullets left. The buck ran about 40 yards ,and it looked like a hose was used to spray the trail. It was a very easy recovery. Keep in mind the bullet impacted in the same area. I will be using the Scorpions again this season.  Thanks for supplying us with an accurate , and devastating projectile. --- Hector from Davie, FL

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 First of all I have to say is thanks for a great product and phenomenal customer service!!! I had some difficulty with some other sabots and bullets but after contacting you and loading the samples you sent, I was sold. There is no turning back now. Harvester all the way!!!! 260 Grain Scorpion Gold PT's combined with Black Crush Ribs load like butter and are accurate as well.  Here is a picture of a 3 shot group I took using your products.  By the way this was my first outing with a smokepole. --- Lou from NY

Sam from OK

I took this nice Buffalo using your Saber Tooth bullets. One shot and down!

Recovered the bullet and  it traveled through the skull and lodged below the hump…..Very nice penetration!



Scott harvested this deer using our Scorpion PT Gold 260 grain bullet with our patented Crush Rib Sabots. --- Scott from LaPorte City, IA

My 14 year old son and I both shot big does this year with the 260 grain Scorpions (2, 777 pellets).  My son shot his around 75 yards, she went down about 70 to 80 yards.  Good blood 

I shot mine at 30 yards watched her drop around 50 yards. Both were good shots.   I like these scorpions it's nice to know I can reach anything inside a 100 yards. Looking forward to testing out the PT Gold soon. Thanks for a great product that I can afford to let the kids practice with.  --- Dave from Bedford, Indiana

John from Decorah, IA

Here is a 1 1/4” group shot with PT Gold 300 gr . Group was shot at 100 yards and I believe it will do better, depending on the operator!!! --- John from Decorah, IA

I have been very impressed with the overall performance of the PT Gold. Flattest shooting bullet that I have found so far. With excellent knock-down and proper expansion. A shoulder shot, or a rib cage shot, the results are the same, a deer that doesn't need to be tracked very far. --- DJ from Nelson, MN

I used your  Scorpion PT gold this year for the 1st time and harvested a 10pt 18 1/4" inside spread WI whitetail and was very impressed with the results of the bullet. Dropped in it's tracks!
I use a CVA Kodiak Magnum and with two primers thru a clean barrel, my first 2 shots were in one hole with 110 grains of BH209 and a 300 grain Scorpion PT Gold at 100 yards from a Caldwell sled rest. Have already told several people of your fine bullets! Will order more in the future. --- Bernard from Eau Claire, WI
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