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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

(100 yard grouping with your 300 PT Gold and H5045SB) --- John from Decorah, IA

I am proud that your products are Made in the USA. They are great products to use and perform extremely well. --- Rick from Los Lunas, NM

I only use your wads for all loads. Thanks for making great products. --- Willie from La Grange, NC

100 0044.s

I know it has been a few months since we spoke, but here is the end result from my Muzzleloader hunt. Your Black CR 50cal/.451 sabot has been putting the bullet where she needed to be. I have attached a photo of my 5x6 bull taken in the Rimrock area of WA State where I drew a permit this year. --- Chuck from Puyallup, WA

100 1757.s

Sam Hill took down this Buffalo with a 50 cal Saber Tooth bullet.


Malcolm Snyder took this SD mule deer using our Scorpion PT Gold bullets and patented Crush Rib Sabot.

“! I shot him at 95 yards. He absolutely did not move! Straight to the ground! Thanks so much for making an awesome bullet/sabot combination!!!!!”

They worked as advertised! Thank you for manufacturing such a fine product. --- Alan from Fulton, MO using our H14540BR

photo 1.s  photo 2.s

Alan, here is the scorpion I was able to recover, this bullet was stuck in the hide on the far side, the shot was on a mature mule deer hard quarter towards me, it broke the shoulder, totally destroyed the vitals and continued on a straight path breaking the last two rear ribs and stopping at the hide, shot was approximately at 40 yards and performed just as I hoped for, Thanks for a awesome round, my setup was the Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain CR Sabot powered by 105 grains of Blackhorn 209/CCI mag primer, I had this setup shooting 3 touching holes time after time at 200 yards, thanks again and I look forward to being a long time customer and will endorse your products to anyone I come in contact with. --- Paul from Clearfield, UT

2012-08-25 002.s 2012-08-25 005.s

I thought you might be interested in a three shot group that I fired.  Using a 300 gr PT Gold bullet and and a Harvester easy load magnum sabot in front of 105 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder I managed to get a .....we will let the jpegs talk!!   THANKS FOR GREAT PRODUCTS!!! Now I HAVE TO SEE WHAT WE DO AT EXTENDED RANGES! --- John from Decorah, IA

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