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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

I am a huge fan of Thompson / Center Arms and I purchased a .45 X 209 barrel for my Encore.
I did this with the idea that I could get a little more range out of smaller diameter bullets.
I have tried a number of different sabots and none of them loaded easily.

My next option was I tried Hornady Great Plains bullets.
They loaded easily enough but the accuracy I was getting was not what I was expecting.
The best it would do is 2" groups at 50 yards, I know the gun and I could do better.

Option number three was 225 gr. CVA Powerbelts in 45 caliber, but finding them at the local shops was a problem.
The accuracy was twice about 1" at 50 yards, but paying $1 a round for just the bullets didn't make sense to me.
I saw an ad in a Midway USA catalog for the Saber Tooth bullets, this led me to checking out your website.

Customer service sent me a sample pack of the Crushed Rib Sabot with 200gr. Hornady XTP bullets.
I tested the load and it hit just about 2" higher than the CVA Powerbelts, lighter bullets will produce flatter trajectory.
In the final minutes of Missouri's Alternative Methods season a doe provided me with an easy 40 yard broadside shot.

As I started to field dress the deer and I found another plus to using the Crushed Rib Sabots.
CVA Powerbelts were damaging a lot of meat on the deer that I have used them on.
The smaller diameter bullets I think caused less damage to the meat with similar bullet placement.
So in summary the Crushed Rib Sabots have a flatter trajectory, are less expensive, load easy and do less damage to the meat. --- Alan from Fulton, MO


Toby Bridges took this nice buck in Montana at 140 yards using the 300 grain Scorpion PT Gold

Tried many brands of bullets over the years, Hornady, Barnes just to name a few. That was before I tested your product, the 300 gr Scorpion P T Gold….Great bullets! --- Gerry from Ottawa, ON using our Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain and Black CR Sabots

 Brennan.Musich.2s Brennan.Musich.1s

Brennan used our Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain for his harvest. --- Brennan from Evansville, IN


I had a local gunsmith glass bed my Knight LRH with the laminate stock and this was the target he sent back with the gun. The load was 110gr BH 209 and a Harvester Scorpion PT Gold 300 gr. and the Black Crush Rib Sabot. Needless to say I had no complaints. --- Jim from Opelousas, LA


This is a 4 shot group at 200 yards shot with 125 grains of 777 ffg and a 240 grain scorpion mag bullet out of my new TC Encore. That is a 3 inch circle shot 9-05-2013. Great bullets --- Tyler from Warsaw, IN

(100 yard grouping with your 300 PT Gold and H5045SB) --- John from Decorah, IA

I am proud that your products are Made in the USA. They are great products to use and perform extremely well. --- Rick from Los Lunas, NM

I only use your wads for all loads. Thanks for making great products. --- Willie from La Grange, NC

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