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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

Tried many brands of bullets over the years, Hornady, Barnes just to name a few. That was before I tested your product, the 300 gr Scorpion P T Gold….Great bullets! --- Gerry from Ottawa, ON using our Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain and Black CR Sabots

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Brennan used our Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain for his harvest. --- Brennan from Evansville, IN


I had a local gunsmith glass bed my Knight LRH with the laminate stock and this was the target he sent back with the gun. The load was 110gr BH 209 and a Harvester Scorpion PT Gold 300 gr. and the Black Crush Rib Sabot. Needless to say I had no complaints. --- Jim from Opelousas, LA


This is a 4 shot group at 200 yards shot with 125 grains of 777 ffg and a 240 grain scorpion mag bullet out of my new TC Encore. That is a 3 inch circle shot 9-05-2013. Great bullets --- Tyler from Warsaw, IN

(100 yard grouping with your 300 PT Gold and H5045SB) --- John from Decorah, IA

I am proud that your products are Made in the USA. They are great products to use and perform extremely well. --- Rick from Los Lunas, NM

I only use your wads for all loads. Thanks for making great products. --- Willie from La Grange, NC

100 0044.s

I know it has been a few months since we spoke, but here is the end result from my Muzzleloader hunt. Your Black CR 50cal/.451 sabot has been putting the bullet where she needed to be. I have attached a photo of my 5x6 bull taken in the Rimrock area of WA State where I drew a permit this year. --- Chuck from Puyallup, WA

100 1757.s

Sam Hill took down this Buffalo with a 50 cal Saber Tooth bullet.

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