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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials


Alan from MO had this 4 shot grouping using our H14540BR. Alan from MO

Shooting Barnes 290 T-EZ FB bullets with the supplied blue sabot, very tight fit and hard to load accuracy good. Tried Harvester Crushed Rib (Black) loading now puts a smile on my face. Accuracy is MOA at 100 yards using 100 g (volume) of Blackhorn, velocity 20 shot avg. 1895 FPS from my T/C Bone Collector. Highly recommended. --- Daniel from Hudson, NY


The sabots (H5045SB) worked great with the 200 grain .450 round nose bullets I cast. This picture is 2 shots at 120 yards using a CVA Wolf and 100grains of 777 ff powder.  I'll be ordering a few here before long. Thanks Jerry from Taswell, IN

Kevin from Hollidaysburg, PA using the H15045BR

Ridiculous accuracy with these out of my Knight Mountaineer. Seriously getting ½ MOA (1”) groups @ 200 yds. Outstanding product! 

Adam-from-MD.s Adam-from-MD-2.s

My friend Tyler and I were hunting the late MD muzzleloader season when he took his first deer with a H&R muzzleloader and a 350 grain Saber Tooth. I have been impressed by the accuracy of this round out of my Traditions pursuit II and the effectiveness of the round speaks for itself. The deer Tyler shot dropped in its tracks. Thanks for continuing to bring us great products! --- Adam from MD

In the past 3 years, I started using a muzzleloader. I took a nice 7 pointer using the 260 grain PT Gold and the deer dropped on the spot. Also, I took an 8 & an 11 point buck and they both dropped in their tracks. My muzzleloader is the bottom of the line, but your sabots make it shoot like it’s a million dollar gun. I didn’t think I would like using a muzzleloader to hunt, boy was I wrong. I hunted with a bow & shotgun. Now, I hunt with a muzzleloader. I’m sold on your sabots…thank you again. My brother-in-law has muzzle hunted for years. He’s the one who told me about your sabots and he buys them all the time. Keep up the good work! --- Marc from St. Joe, MI


Tatoosh-Bear.s  Tatoosh-Elk.s

David from Maple Valley, WA took these harvests using our Scorpion bullets and Crush Rib Sabots. Great job, David!

Thank you for the sample pack of sabots. I tried the black and red Crushed Rib, and the standard black sabots. I got the best results with the black Crushed Ribs, with 1 in. groups at 100 yds out of my TC Triumph over 90 grains of BH209. I have never before gotten groups tighter than 2 or 3 inches out of this rifle. Excellent product. --- Gabe from Baltimore, MD


Well I made it out to range, the first three shots with the 300 grain PT Gold samples using 100 grains of BF powder was just under ¾ “, I will be putting an order in today!! --- John from Accident, MD

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