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Gr8 bullets and keep up the great work!!!!   Also shot the 300 PT’s out of my new Vortek this morning (had never been shot till 2 day) and shot a 6 shot 50 yard group of  touching bullets in a 10 mph wind!!  Yay scorpions!!! --- Mike from New Virginia, IA

 I stumbled onto the Harvester website through a muzzleloading forum I was viewing last fall and instantly knew I was going to be patronizing your company more in the future.  My first endeavor was to purchase some sabots for some slugs I was having a tough time loading into my Vortek.  I was treated with personal customer service then and also sent a goodie bag of 300 Gr. Scorpion PT Gold bullets and crush rib sabots to try out.  Man were they accurate coupled with your suggestion of Blackhorn 209.  I went ahead and ordered a 50 pack and have since shared some of those with friends and family.  Again, excellent customer service and fair prices.  I have been spreading the good word about Harvester products and customer service by mouth and online  every chance I get.  I look forward to next season in hopes to try to connect with a deer  or two with the 300 Gr. Scorpion PT Gold.   --- John from Smithfield, VA

After trying sabots from every manufacturer I could find I settled on the Harvester Crush Rib. This sabot and the Barnes 350 gr. Triple Shock bullet creates a very accurate combination at either short, or long range. I spent many days at the range and shot in excess of 300 rounds with this combination. The accuracy and energy was there, and I was confident of a humane kill out to 400 yards when I left for my elk hunt in the Gila country of New Mexico.

On the first morning of the hunt we found a good sized herd with several bulls leaving a water hole, but were late and the elk were headed for the timber. Out of range for a shot that I was confident would be a humane kill. Before we left that morning my guide and I built a make shift shooting stand that I felt would give me the support I needed to make the 350 yd  shot, should a good bull present himself at the water hole in the future. On the fourth morning of the hunt the elk herd came back and this bull presented himself at 349 yds.

At the Boom of the muzzle loader my guide said "he's down", and he never got up. There are many ingredients that go into making an elk hunt successful as we all know. The bottom line to making a long shot with a muzzle loader is a sabot that stabilizes the bullet with enough velocity to retain long range energy sufficient for a clean kill. The Crush Rib is the only sabot I found that meets my criteria. --- Nick from Farmington, NM

You may not remember me but, you sent me some sample sabots and bullets for my T/C Impact. They were 50 Cal. Sabot 300 gr. .451 Polymer Tip Bullets. I liked them and  I bought 50 of each.  They shot and grouped great while I was sighting my  rifle. During muzzle-loader season here in Alabama, I took a 6pt deer and a nice doe at about 70 yards. Both dropped like they had been hit by a ton of bricks. They didn't take one step and bled out big time. I was very impressed to say the least. Could not be happier!! --- Thomas from Sulligent, AL on using the Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain.

More than 15 years using Harvester Hard Cast and counting. Nothing comes close.
Thank you for more than 30 animals to my name. --- Garry from Perkasie, PA

  Randys  12.30.12 Smoke PoleDeer Randy smoke pole off hand 50 yards Randy 2012 deer

Good morning all you Good Buddies,


My 2012 deer hunting is now over and I couldn’t be more pleased. As you may know, I feel the deer herd is at risk for a devastating disease do to overpopulation. Therefore, for the past several years I have been encouraging all to harvest does to reduce the herd size. The DNR estimates a 10% reduction in our area. I feel it still needs much further reduction.


I had three tags for three seasons and filled the first two using my favorite deer harvesting recipe which is:

a Harvester 45-240 PT Scorpion Bullet in a Harvester 50 Cal. Rifle – 45 Cal. Bullet Crush Rib High Pressure Sabot propelled with 90 gr (black powder measure) of Blackhorn 209 High Performance Muzzleloading Propellant ignited with a CCI Magnum 209 shotshell primer in a Ron Laughlin Breech plug in my CVA 50 Cal Kodiak Magnum with customized trigger pull.

For several years I have been looking for an effective combination to humanly harvest deer in Iowa and at the same time avoid excessive damage to the very precious venison. I find the above combination to fill the bill very nicely.

I have heard nothing but good things about the CRS and your company. 

I shot my CVA Wolf today with the CRS and 240 gr Hornady XTP bullets and it was the combination that finally worked!

I appreciate you following up with me and I will continue to do business with you. 

I will pass along your info to my buddies. --- Darian from Hixson, TN

I LOVE the Scorpion PT Gold and Crush Rib Sabot combo! Shoots extremely well out of my Traditions Vortek Muzzleloader.

Thanks for making such a great American made product! --- Jeremy from West Palm Beach, FL


Just wanted to show 5shot group sighting in new Nikon inline scope on Accura v2. Switched to Blackhorn 209 and Harvester PT Gold 300grain bullets with black Crush Rib Sabots…..all I can say is WOW!! Can’t wait till MO deer season will send more photos. --- Roger from Overland, MO

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