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Riflemen Testimonials

Thought I would share some information about the PT GOLD BULLETS.  I recently went on a hunt for Black Bellied Barbados sheep, I have built up an Remington ML 700, 50 caliber muzzle loader, have an 3.5 to 10  power Leupold CDS scope, had a custom turret built by the custom shop at Leupold, marked out to 400 yards, it works great, I am using the Crushed Rib Sabots, the Ram I shot was at 109 yards, it moved maybe 3 yards and piled up, complete lung pass thru. I couldn't be more happier with the performance and accuracy of the bullets, here are some of the pictures of the Ram and how the bullet performed.  Thanks for building such awesome products.

Jeff from IL "I attached a picture of my very happy 12 year old grand-daughter with a doe she took with one of you bullets/sabot during youth firearm season in IL. It was a 70 yard shot and as you can see it was a pin wheel."

Tim from Fond du Lac, WI

This is the first three shots I fired with your 50 x 44 Green sabots at 100yards using a Winchester primers and  black horn 209 powder with 110 gr by volume, pushing 265 grain Hornady FTX bullet.  I am very pleased because I haven't even started tinkering with the load for accuracy.


Rich from NY "I wanted to send you this little photo of one of your Scorpion (300) PT Golds from 1 of the 13 deer taken with this bullet. The accuracy of this bullet in my rifle is right at ¾” to 1” at 100 yards and the performance is tremendous!!!!"

Those Crush Rib Sabots are NICE. I'll never use any other. Easily half as much force to push down the barrel.

What amazed me is that all the sabots ended up in about a 3ft area 12-15 yards in front of me. I've only ever found a few TC or Hornady sabots, granted I never went looking for them, nor did I go looking for your sabots either. But it’s was hard not to see them all laying there together in the grass.

The Scorpion PT Gold shot the first 3 cutting one hole with 90gr at 50yds, moved out to 100yd, shot 2 almost same hole. . So I quit there. --- Les from Bloomingdale, IN

I shot the Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain at 200 yards and it expanded to 0.750-0.790 with a retained weight of 299.3 grain. Bullet has exceptional accuracy and expansion. Thanks for a great round. --- Mike from Warrensburg, OH

Mark from Wilmington, DE on using PT Gold "Thanks for great product, I will be ordering more of the PT Scorpions.

I started using your bullets about 7-8 years ago and wish I had done it earlier. Had real good performance with both the Scorpion PT Gold and the funnel point. I've turned a couple other guys on to your bullets as well --- Rob from Auburn, IL

Your bullets and sabots are leading the industry. Thanks for a superior product. --- Keith from Indianapolis, IN

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