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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

Mark from Wilmington, DE on using PT Gold "Thanks for great product, I will be ordering more of the PT Scorpions.

I started using your bullets about 7-8 years ago and wish I had done it earlier. Had real good performance with both the Scorpion PT Gold and the funnel point. I've turned a couple other guys on to your bullets as well --- Rob from Auburn, IL

Your bullets and sabots are leading the industry. Thanks for a superior product. --- Keith from Indianapolis, IN

I have my two sons and my brother using your products. Between my brother, my sons and I we have a total of 10 one shot kills on whitetails. I tell all who will listen about these special bullets (electro-plated) and awesome performing sabots. --- Greg from North Branch, MI

Hi just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with your products. Used the Scorpion PT Gold 300gr bullet with Crushed Rib Sabot for Iowa's first shotgun season. This was my first time hunting with my ML and I am officially hooked . Was completely impressed with the accuracy and easy loading of this combination. Took this buck on opening day at 175 yards. Buck only went 25 yards before piling up . My girlfriend will also be using this combination for Iowa's late ML , with a little luck I will be sending you another picture. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. --- Matt from Holland, IA

I just wanted to let you know the Hardcast bullets with Crushed Rib Sabots were pretty effective during our muzzleloader season. Two shots two deer, doesn’t get any better than that. --- Roger from Conesville, OH

I have gotten three members of my hunting club into the “Harvester” family this season alone and everyone is pretty excited about the performance of the Scorpion PT Gold. We are a QDMA primitive weapons only club on 750 acres so when we choose a muzzleloader bullet we want accuracy, range, and terminal performance. One of our members, Greg, had his 9 year old son take his first doe “unassisted” with a 50 cal. and 240 gr. PT Gold. She went 45 yards from the point of the shot! I’ve ordered over 500 PT Gold’s (200 240gr., 300 300gr.) so far this year because I enjoy shooting and I’m spitting them out of a Savage MLII, a T/C Encore, and a T/C Omega with gratifying results all the way around. Thanks for a great product at a great price! --- Scott from Lynchburg, VA

I'm very pleased with this combo and is now my go to round. --- John from Hastings, MI using Scorpion (300) PT Gold and H15045BR

Attached is a photo of a target from my first trip to the range with your product I have been chasing a load for my Bergara barreled Encore for several months. My last 3 shots are those touching. Needless to say, the search for the right load is over. --- Jeff from Trenton, OH

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