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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

Those Crush Rib Sabots are NICE. I'll never use any other. Easily half as much force to push down the barrel.

What amazed me is that all the sabots ended up in about a 3ft area 12-15 yards in front of me. I've only ever found a few TC or Hornady sabots, granted I never went looking for them, nor did I go looking for your sabots either. But it’s was hard not to see them all laying there together in the grass.

The Scorpion PT Gold shot the first 3 cutting one hole with 90gr at 50yds, moved out to 100yd, shot 2 almost same hole. . So I quit there. --- Les from Bloomingdale, IN

I shot the Scorpion PT Gold 300 grain at 200 yards and it expanded to 0.750-0.790 with a retained weight of 299.3 grain. Bullet has exceptional accuracy and expansion. Thanks for a great round. --- Mike from Warrensburg, OH

Mark from Wilmington, DE on using PT Gold "Thanks for great product, I will be ordering more of the PT Scorpions.

I started using your bullets about 7-8 years ago and wish I had done it earlier. Had real good performance with both the Scorpion PT Gold and the funnel point. I've turned a couple other guys on to your bullets as well --- Rob from Auburn, IL

Your bullets and sabots are leading the industry. Thanks for a superior product. --- Keith from Indianapolis, IN

I have my two sons and my brother using your products. Between my brother, my sons and I we have a total of 10 one shot kills on whitetails. I tell all who will listen about these special bullets (electro-plated) and awesome performing sabots. --- Greg from North Branch, MI

Hi just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with your products. Used the Scorpion PT Gold 300gr bullet with Crushed Rib Sabot for Iowa's first shotgun season. This was my first time hunting with my ML and I am officially hooked . Was completely impressed with the accuracy and easy loading of this combination. Took this buck on opening day at 175 yards. Buck only went 25 yards before piling up . My girlfriend will also be using this combination for Iowa's late ML , with a little luck I will be sending you another picture. Thanks for making such a wonderful product. --- Matt from Holland, IA

I just wanted to let you know the Hardcast bullets with Crushed Rib Sabots were pretty effective during our muzzleloader season. Two shots two deer, doesn’t get any better than that. --- Roger from Conesville, OH

I have gotten three members of my hunting club into the “Harvester” family this season alone and everyone is pretty excited about the performance of the Scorpion PT Gold. We are a QDMA primitive weapons only club on 750 acres so when we choose a muzzleloader bullet we want accuracy, range, and terminal performance. One of our members, Greg, had his 9 year old son take his first doe “unassisted” with a 50 cal. and 240 gr. PT Gold. She went 45 yards from the point of the shot! I’ve ordered over 500 PT Gold’s (200 240gr., 300 300gr.) so far this year because I enjoy shooting and I’m spitting them out of a Savage MLII, a T/C Encore, and a T/C Omega with gratifying results all the way around. Thanks for a great product at a great price! --- Scott from Lynchburg, VA

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