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Riflemen Testimonials

Ray CrowRay Crow took this Black Bear with a 350 grain Saber Tooth Bullet


I am shooting a CVA Wolf 50 caliber with a 150 grains of Triple seven pellets and your 270 grain sabertooth bullets and I have to say after a few adjustments to the scope my last round was a 3 inch group at 100 yards, dead center of a pistol target. I still have to do some fine tuning but I am very pleased with your product and plan on ordering more. Thank you again for the free samples and I just want to say you have a new customer who will recomend your product to anyone who is interested.

Richard Kratzke

Tom HillI used your 350 grain saber tooth and 90 grains of Triple 7 to take this buffalo this past week in Colorado. The bullet performed well...so well I was unable to recover it...Buffalo went down not to rise again. It weighed over 1100 lbs.

Thanks for a great product,
Tom Hill

Toby BridgesI took this dandy 160-class buck at 193-yards during a late muzzleloader hunt, shooting the new 260-grain Scorpion PT Gold. The sleek polymer-tipped bullet was pushed out of a .50 caliber Knight "Long Range Hunter" by 110 grains of FFFg Triple Seven at 2,030 f.p.s. The deer went less than 30 yards before going down. What a great new muzzleloader hunting bullet!

Toby Bridges,
Outdoor Writer

I have to say – holy sh_t! These Scorpion PT gold bullets are fantastic! I shot out of a Thompson Center Omega (50 cal.) I started with 120 grains of 777 loose powder and wet patched after each shot. Once on the paper, I went out to 150 yards with about 5-6 mph wind. I shot three rounds and had a one inch group!! I set my sights at 4-inches high at 150 yds. and backed off to 200 yards and shot three more, ending with a 1-1/4” group. Not too bad, given the wind and gusts.

Dear Sirs, I just want to take this time to thank you for a great product. I have a very tight bored Thompson Center Encore 209x50 magnum muzzleloader topped with a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 scope. I have shot Precision Rifle bullets of various types & weights, TC Shockwave 250 grain, Barnes MZ 250 grain, Barnes Spitfire 245 grain,& now your fabulous 300 grain funnel point bullets with Crush Rib sabots.

Both of these young ladies used the 260 grain Scorpion PT Gold to harvest their first Montana Bucks.

Young HunterYoung Hunter

Shannon KingOn November 18, 2007, I took this big Illinois 160 inch 10 point using your Scorpion 240 gr. bullets. They performed flawlessly. I made a 40 yard shot to take this big boy down. These bullets are GREAT, I look forward to using them again. Thanks for a great product.

Shannon King

Jim RischHere is a picture of a 8 pointer that ended up in my freezer last week. Sunday the 23rd just at daylight he crossed a corn field about 60 yards from my stand. Thanks so much for the sabortooth bullets, the deer never made it back to the woods with both lungs blown out.

Jim Risch

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