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Riflemen Testimonials

Thanks so much for the samples. They’re just as good as advertised. Not only am I impressed with your products but also your attention to your customers. I just ordered 50 each of the bullets and sabots.

Thanks again,

Robert from Columbia, TN

I called in this year for some advice with the 45 Caliber sabots. After being helped who ever I spoke with said to send in a picture if I had some luck. This buck attached was shot with the 200 grain XTP bullet. He weighed in at 204 and had 8 points. He ran about 40 and piled up in the only muddy pack around. --- Jim from NH


Thanks again for a great product, our late muzzleloader season is in full swing here, and I am tickled with your high pressure Sabots!! Here is a picture of my 100 yards results.  CVA Kodiak, 100 grain by volume of BH209, your 5044G Green Sabot, and a custom mold hand cast 265 grain .430" hollow point bullet.  Four shots in this one, only wish I had a few more days off to hunt this year. This rifle has never shot so well, until I discovered your products.Thanks again for a great product, and outstanding customer service.  --- Peter from Moneta, VA

Hello Alan, again thanks for the sample sabots. I went to Range today and here are the results with Harvester Crush Rib Sabot.

Rifle: Acura older model .50 cal

Bullets:      240 grain Speer JHP

240 grain Sierra JHC
260 grain Harvester PT Gold

100 grains Blackhorn 209 Rifle shot at 100 yards using 90 grains of Blackhorn 209 for both 240 grain loads.
Speer shot 1-3/4 in group, Sierra shot 1-1/2 group, PT gold 260 shot 1 inch group. PT Gold shoots the same 1 in groups out of my omega also...Awesome bullet.

Also, I am pleased with the Green Rib Sabots using the 44 cal handgun bullets by Speer and Sierra. --- Chuck from Trucksville, PA

Good guns, good bullets, and if I do my part, good shots, and I can count on Harvester Muzzleloading products....they flat out perform at the range and in the field!  The picture is of the 6" target @ 50 yards I used as a "final" sight in. The 12 o'clock spot is a cluster of two 250 grain Sabertooth out of "El KaBong"....the third was one I dumped....was getting fatigued at this point....actually, you can just see it way down there at the bottom of the target.

The string of 3 at the 7 O'clock spot are the 260 grain Funnel Point Mags out of the BuckStalker.

The 3 oddballs from the 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock spots are Sabertooth 270s out of the BuckStalker.....all these = dead deer no matter how you slice it, but I like clustered shots...especially with open sights! --- Steve from MI


Good talking with you today and placing my order of more PT Gold 260s. I am attaching a jpeg of one of our earlier targets for you to show if you like. --- John from TN

I've been using the Cush Rib Sabot and it turned around my so-so 100-yard groups in a heartbeat.  I shoot 100-grains of Blackhorn 209 and a shockwave 250 grain Hornady spire point bullets.  I wasn't pleased with the groups before using your sabots.  I sincerely believe that your sabots far surpass anything I've ever shot or used.  What I like is the ease of loading and how well they've preformed at extreme temperatures.  From an honest 98-degrees to -15, with a wind chill of 40-below.  --- Dave from Port Trevorton, PA
Thanks for the email and don't worry, you're my one and only bullet and sabot source, no question about it. In fact,  1 guy I know just got his first muzzleloader in anticipation of Iowa's late muzzleloading season and was asking me about what to shoot, etc. I let him know that he needn't look any further than your Scorpion PT Gold bullets and crushed rib sabots.


Work schedules only gave me a couple days to hunt during Iowa's early muzzleloader season so I made the most of it and filled the freezer with this little six pointer near dusk on October 18th. I was hunting from the ground and my shot came at about 20 yards. When I field dressed this buck I could not believe the damage to both lungs that your 260 grain Scorpion PT Gold caused. It was like a bomb went off in the chest cavity.


Thanks again for making an excellent bullet and for providing great customer service.


Scott from La Porte City, IA


Thanks to your excellent customer service you now have a new Harvester Muzzleloading Customer!!! -- Scott from SC
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