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Riflemen Testimonials

Tried the Harvest sabots with T/C shockwave bullets.  Gosh, the Crush Rib Sabots sure made loading so much easier. The sabots were everything I had heard about them, especially loading, and giving up nada on accuracy. --- R. Moore from Jackson, TN
I took a nice antlerless this November with my Vortek armed with the Barnes 275 grain bullet with your Sabot on top of 120 grains of Blackhorn. Performance was simply awesome! --- Barry from Dannebrog, NE

Took this Elk using products from Harvester Muzzleloading. --- Jeff from Elk Ridge, UT


Thought I would let you know, I shot the PT Gold 250 grain bullets that you so kindly sent me, and as a result have ordered 50 of them. They shot great!!!  Had already picked up the crushed rib sabots to use with the Hornady bullet.
Thanks  ---  Michael from Kingsport, TN
Attached is low res picture of the first buck I took with a PT Gold.  I had taken a doe with my T/C Triumph loaded with a 260 grain PT.  I was so impressed with the accuracy and performance I ended up leaving my center fire rifle at home during the regular gun season and hunted all season with a muzzleloader only.

I had passed this buck up with a bow earlier but spotted it later after a neighbor wounded it in the leg.  I decided to go ahead and put it down.  It was in heavy brush and at the shot, the deer simply disappeared and I thought I had missed.  I walked over where he had stood when I shot and found him dead just a few feet away.   When the bullet hit him he had simply collapsed forward.   --- Daniel from Sonora, KY


Thanks again for the sample bullets.  They shot extremely well out of my rifle. Thanks again for being a great company to work with. --- Micah from Massena, IA
The Scorpion PT Gold bullets have to be the best bullets made, I keep shooting the X-ring out of all my targets. They load almost as easy as Powerbelts and are twice as accurate for less money.  Thank you for making such a great product. --- Gerry from Newark, NY
I have been using your Crush Rib Sabots for a few years now, they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These sabots are by far the best product to come along for black powder people in a very long time. And I am looking forward to trying your Scorpion PT Gold's in the 300 grain version. From what I've read about them, they sound like one awesome round!!  --- Tom from Frankfort, IL.

A few weeks ago I sent you an email asking about the 45 caliber sabots, you where nice enough to offer me a few samples. I got them in the mail and was surprised to see not only the sabots but some 200 grain bullets to go with them. As soon as I was able to I went to the range and sighted in my 209x45 contender and had a few sabots and bullets left over from your samples. Well today I loaded one in my contender and the rest in the speedloader and went hunting. At 0830 I had a little buck come into me at 50 yards. It wouldn't give me a side shot and the best I could get was a quartering facing me shot. While this isn't the best shot it can be done. I waited for the deer to put his head down and relax I put the post on the front of the shoulder and squeezed the trigger. At the shot the buck ran off like I missed.

I got down out of the stand and went to look to make sure. It took me a few minutes to find the trail the deer ran and started to follow it. in about 20 yards I found a few small and I mean small drops of blood. I then knew I hit the deer and started searching more at about 30 yards I found the blood trail it looked like a red river ran down the trail. I found the buck dead 50 yards from where I shot it. the bullet struck the shoulder making a hole large enough for 3 of my fingers to go in, took out the liver diaphragm and went into the stomach but never exited. All of the bullets energy was used inside the deer where it did what it was intended to do.

Thank you for the samples I will be ordering some of the sabots soon.  --- Ricky the Handgun Hunter


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