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Riflemen Testimonials

Using our Hard Cast Bullets (H35433) in his 54 Cal ML

"I really like the pattern I am getting with these bullets and ease of loading." --- Terry from Pocahontas, AR

Tried the Harvest sabots with T/C shockwave bullets.  Gosh, the Crush Rib Sabots sure made loading so much easier. The sabots were everything I had heard about them, especially loading, and giving up nada on accuracy. --- R. Moore from Jackson, TN
I took a nice antlerless this November with my Vortek armed with the Barnes 275 grain bullet with your Sabot on top of 120 grains of Blackhorn. Performance was simply awesome! --- Barry from Dannebrog, NE

Took this Elk using products from Harvester Muzzleloading. --- Jeff from Elk Ridge, UT


Thought I would let you know, I shot the PT Gold 250 grain bullets that you so kindly sent me, and as a result have ordered 50 of them. They shot great!!!  Had already picked up the crushed rib sabots to use with the Hornady bullet.
Thanks  ---  Michael from Kingsport, TN
Attached is low res picture of the first buck I took with a PT Gold.  I had taken a doe with my T/C Triumph loaded with a 260 grain PT.  I was so impressed with the accuracy and performance I ended up leaving my center fire rifle at home during the regular gun season and hunted all season with a muzzleloader only.

I had passed this buck up with a bow earlier but spotted it later after a neighbor wounded it in the leg.  I decided to go ahead and put it down.  It was in heavy brush and at the shot, the deer simply disappeared and I thought I had missed.  I walked over where he had stood when I shot and found him dead just a few feet away.   When the bullet hit him he had simply collapsed forward.   --- Daniel from Sonora, KY


Thanks again for the sample bullets.  They shot extremely well out of my rifle. Thanks again for being a great company to work with. --- Micah from Massena, IA
The Scorpion PT Gold bullets have to be the best bullets made, I keep shooting the X-ring out of all my targets. They load almost as easy as Powerbelts and are twice as accurate for less money.  Thank you for making such a great product. --- Gerry from Newark, NY
I have been using your Crush Rib Sabots for a few years now, they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These sabots are by far the best product to come along for black powder people in a very long time. And I am looking forward to trying your Scorpion PT Gold's in the 300 grain version. From what I've read about them, they sound like one awesome round!!  --- Tom from Frankfort, IL.
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