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Riflemen Testimonials

I was true blue Powerbelts until I shot the Saber Tooth bullets. Any bullets I shoot from now on will be a Saber Tooth. --- Tim from VA
Just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the Scorpion Funnel Point bullets. I love how easy the Crush Rib Sabots load. I was fortunate to harvest a doe, spike and a nice 8 point buck with them in November. The spike dropped where he stood and the other two went less than 30 yards. Thanks again --- Troy from Weyers Cave, VA
I have shot the Scorpion PT Gold 260 & 300 gr since 2009. I have shot lots of critters since then and they still impressed the fire out of me. Thanks for a great product. --- Jerome from Lancaster, KY
You guys really do make a great product. --- Donnie from Spruce Pine, NC

All I can say is WOW!!!

What a huge difference. I tried the Scorpion PT Gold Bullets yesterday and was totally blown away. At 105 yards using two 50 grain triple Seven pellets I had a 5" group. That was shooting w/ iron sights through my scope mount. Took the rest and used the scope. With a 3-9x40mm Bushnell scope and on my bench rest I had the rest in a 2.5" group at 105yrds. I'm totally impressed!! The HC bullets arrived in today's mail. So it was back to the range. I found the HC to be almost as accurate. Iron sights @ 100 yrds I had the same 5" group. with the scope I did even better!

The first two were less than 1/4" a part. The rest were all within a 3" group. I'm totally sold. I won't be buying anything else in the future but Harvester Muzzleloading ammo! I appreciate the samples and will be placing an order very soon to start stocking up for next hunting season. I'll also be ordering some just for the fun of shooting! Please feel free to use me as a reference or for a satisfied customer posting! I can't say enough about the quality and performance of Harvester line of products. Thanks again. --- Alex from Roanoke, VA

Thanks, for the Scorpion PT Gold 300gr. samples....tried them out right away, and had great results...the best groupings I could get out of my TC FX muzzleloader..1" groups a @ 100yds. with 100gr. of BH209.  Now I can fine tune with different charges The ease of loading was unbelievable!..I am sold on your product and going to use next hunting season.  Will pass along my success story to my friends that hunt. --- Kelly from Charlotte, MI
I tested the PT Gold's this morning & they are awesome grouped  like a 243 would . I shot them at 58 yards & they all punched around the first hole I've never seen a saboted bullet like those in all of my life.  I am shocked at the PT Gold's, man alive, they are DEADLY ACCURATE BULLETS. --- Tim from Saltville, VA

I recently purchased some of your 300 grain scorpions and I would like to tell you how impressed I am with this bullet. I literally just opened the package last night and I was more than impressed to say the least, I have not even shot these yet and I’m nearly certain they will be my bullet of choice. From the looks of this bullet I have no doubt that they will shoot well and perform as well as they look on game.

By the way your hard cast bullets, though I have never seen one in person, are equally as impressive. With the large meplat and great sectional density coupled with hard cast lead you have created a wonderful big game bullet. My hat is off to you for providing such great bullets for today’s muzzleloading crowd. Spot on sir!  --- Tim from Creston, IA

The Black CRS has both my Encores shooting better then I have ever seen them.....clover leafing at 110 yards.  --- Rod from Hastings, MI
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