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Riflemen Testimonials

Here’s a picture of a buck I harvested in Southwest Iowa with a 260g Scorpion PT Gold, Crushed Rib Sabot, and 85 grains of Blackhorn209.  It was 100 yards out and shooting hours were almost up.  This is my first buck with my new CVA Accura V2.  It may not have the biggest rack, but it sure will fill my freezer!  Thanks for making a great bullet/sabot combination.  Worth every penny.

This is a 8 shot group at 100 yards. I slung one to the left because I flinched a little.  I was using a 300 grain Scorpion PT bullet with the Harvester Crushed Rib Sabot. After sharing this information with the guys I know that shoot muzzleloader, I had to reorder for some more as my stock decreased.  The other guys Paid me but my two boys seem to just help them self’s.  I think we need to renegotiate that contract. I just ordered the 240 grain Scorpion PT and with a three shot group they were all touching.  I will shoot both the 300 grain and the 240 grain out at 150  yards and see witch on groups best.  My barrel loves 300 grain but those 240’s seemed to group just fine.  At this point I cannot see shooting anything else but these Harvester Scorpion PT’s with the Crushed Rib Sabots.


“Wanted to say thank you for recommending the smooth black sabots! I was able to get my gun dialed in and take my PB of 150” at 144 yards with a neck shot(where i was aiming), and also this is a hog i shot two days later that weighed approx. 200lbs and it dropped him at 50 yards!” 

Lyman from NY tested out our sabots (H4540B) and had some nice groups at 50 yards.

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Accuracy with the 350 gr. Saber Tooth using a full (120 gr.) charge of BH209 out of my T/C Omega has been nothing short of spectacular.  After getting two shots touching at 50 yards and zeroing the iron sights 1.5" high at that distance, I took a shot at a ~7x12" steel plate at 110 yards.  The impact couldn't have been better, making a loud report and leaving a fresh lead splatter dead center on it.  These will be coming with me on an elk hunt in Colorado come September, followed by Ohio's muzzleloader season.  I can't wait to see the performance on game.

Enclosed is a picture of my 12yr old son's first muzzleloader deer and the Scorpion PT Gold 240gr bullet used. Shot at 212 yards, quartering away shot. Bullet was found under the skin of offside shoulder. Deer ran 35 yards and piled up. Excellent expansion with an awesome blood trail. Thank you so much. Especially for a great product. Far too often we as hunters spend our money on gimics. Good to see a product made with quality such as yours.

Ron, I'd like to share this pic with you in regards to my last outing with my CVA 50 cal Optima. I'm shooting your 300 gr Scorpion PT Golds, CRS sabots trimmed to the top of bullet ogive and 70/100 gr of BH209. 

I've sighted my Optima in at +3" @100 ..... ZERO at 150 and -7" at 200 yards ..... giving me a 170 yard 6" PBR 

My first 3 shots at 100 yards were all touching (1/2 group) and my 4th shot just went a little high but still giving me a sub 1" group.

I then proceeded to shoot another 3 at 200 yards and ended up with about a 3 1/2" group ...... I've actually shot 2 1/2" groups on several other occasions with NO wind.

I've found your CRS sabots to out preform all others no matter what bullets I shoot and decided that the load combination as stated above to be my "GO TO" hunting load this season.

With any luck I'll get to see how it does on my up-coming tip to IL for the late muzzleloader season.

Thanks again for a great product and your companies customer service is to be commended.

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