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Harvester Muzzleloading


Riflemen Testimonials

You guys have superior bullets at a great price and customer service 2nd to none. --- Eric from Mt. Juliet, TN
I am more than pleased with your bullets and sabots. --- Mike from Fisherville, KY


This is my hunt in Utah. A 400 plus BC Bull Elk. This was my first muzzleloading elk hunt. We scouted on the first day and spotted the bull and watched his travels.  We found him again on the next day and we stalked within 100 yards and brought him down with one shot. My Apex was loaded with a 50/45 300 gr. PT Scorpion in a Crush rib Sabot on top of 80 Grains (by weight) of Blackhorn 209. Your bullets worked as advertised and I will use them in all of my hunts. Thanks for a great product.  --- Joe from CA


Bob from Golden Canyon, AZ took this Utah Muley at 78 yards with our 300 grain Saber Tooth bullets. Bob stated that he loves the Sabertooth bullets and his Muley dropped where it stood.

I would like to pass along that your bullets are holding a 1.5" group at 100yds. This out of a Knight that my father has owned for 5 years and was ready to sell due to the poor groupings with all other ammo. --- Paul from Thibodaux, LA


This bull was harvested with the help of Mangas Outfitters, Datil, NM. I  want to thank all the makers of the fine products used to harvest this bull. A failure of any one component would have produced a sadly different outcome. Nick used our Black Crushed Rib Sabot (H15045BR) for this hunt. --- Nick from Farmington, NM

A while back I sent you an email with a picture of a target I shot using Harvester yellow crush rib sabots. I explained to you how those sabots were just what my Knight Disc rifle needed to REALLY make it shoot great. I had tried all kids of different bullet and powder combinations, but it wasn’t until I used your Harvester sabots, that my rifle shot so well.  Well, here is a button buck I shot on the last day of the Ohio Deer Gun season using your sabot. Proof that the Harvester sabots work. Thanks for making such a good product, and good hunting.
The Black Crush Rib Sabot and the 260 Pt Gold with 100grs of BH209 at 100 yds consistently punch same hole groups. Thanks for a great product. --- Bill from Grandville, MI
Thank you for making the best sabot on the market and I hope you don't plan on stopping.  I have tried a number of different sabots, some load easy, but scatter the bullets, some are hard to load, but shot a tight group.  Your sabots load easy and shot a tight group.  I think I bought my first Harvester sabots from Cabela's in Jan. 2005 and wouldn't use anything else in both of my CVA Acura's (.45 cal and .50 cal).  
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