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Riflemen Testimonials

Thank you for the samples of the H15045BR sabot and the 45-300 PT bullets.  They were great and an instant hit at our local gun club. The targets clearly showed the value of this great combination.  They were easier to load even after 15 shots using 100 grains of Triple Seven than any other sabot combination we were using.  The proof is in the order and I have just placed an order for 100 of the sabots and 100 of the bullets. --- Dennis from Alexander, AR

Harvested this nice buck using our patented Crush Rib Sabots (H35045BYR) for Boattail bullets. --- Steve from Athens, OH


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Have had some more success with you PT Gold 300 grain bullets and 110gr. of black horn 209 powder....Shot this buck here in Cornwall, Ontario Canada....65yd walking. Bullet smashed through a small tree about 10ft from the deer and then  his front leg and continued on through his lungs. The buck ran about 80yd and the rest is history....The new replacement bullets you sent my boys and I are working great. We have killed 4 bucks with the new batch of bullets, did a lot of target shooting and had no misfires.


Thanks again for the great product ---  Cam from Cornwall, ON 

Wow - just tried some of these (H15040BL) –very very impressive. Way to go guys !! All your products are great - your .50 cal for .45 bullets were my choice before and performed great. Also it is a true pleasure to deal with a company located in the south and run by southern gentlemen - my hats off to you. --- Gary from Columbia, SC

hunt 102

Just wanted to say Thank you for a great product.  My Wife used a TC Encore .50 shooting a .290 gr Barnes T-EZ bullet with a Crushed Rib Sabot to kill this 3 antlered NM bull with one shot at 296 yards. Thanks, Bill

I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but the bullets you sent me work great out of my Remington muzzleloader. --- Lance from KY

I took a 3 year old 10 point at 125 yards with the 260 grain PT Gold. One shot, one kill... He was facing me, I shot him just off center of the top of his neck with his head down, bullet went through the boiler room, took out almost all of his ribs on the off-side and exited. I shoot a T/C Omega using Black Horn 209 (100 grs) and a Winchester 209 primer. Had been using the T/C plastic tipped bullets and they are just fine, but, I really like your PT Gold. Good product, good job...Thanks a lot. ---  Mike from Martinsville, TX

Stephen from PA

Your .54 cal sabot with your 330 grain Hard Cast bullets shot great out of my Green Mountain Brush Gun. --- Stephen from Stewartstown, PA

I harvested a cow elk with the 260 PT GOLD BULLET. 125Yards. The bullet went through both shoulders ,the bullet was sitting between the hide and meat on the opposite shoulder. Thank you for producing a great product. --- Jamison from Walla Walla, WA

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