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Harvester Muzzleloading

Riflemen Testimonials

Joe from Cheyenne, WY on his NM Elk "The PT Gold’s with the smooth black sabots worked great. 163 yards and it was dead on. Thanks for all the help and advice preparing for the hunt." #Elk #NewMexico #hunting #muzzleloading


Rob from CO "I’ve attached pictures of your 350 gr Saber Tooth bullets recovered from 2 elk over the last few years. They’re awesome! After a bad Powerbelt experience, I found your bullets and they work as advertised. Thanks!" #Colorado #elk #hunting #CustomerExperience

Jim from Little Falls, NY Congrats to Jim on this NC buck using our Saber Tooth bullets. #NewYork #DeerHunter #NorthCarolina


Pete from Glenbeulah, WI had some success using our patented Crushed Rib Sabot in Wyoming and Utah. #hunting #CustomerSuccess #Wisconsin #Utah #Wyoming

I bought the black Ez-load  sabots for my preferred .452 bullets to try because the MMP hph-24 sabots I was using were losing some of their petals and killing my groups.  Well, needless to say the Harvesters kept their petals and closed my 100 yard groups to under an inch in my CVA Accura V2 with the Bergara barrel.  Clearly, you guys use a better plastic.  Kudos to your company for a superior product, and thank you. 

Here’s a picture of a buck I harvested in Southwest Iowa with a 260g Scorpion PT Gold, Crushed Rib Sabot, and 85 grains of Blackhorn209.  It was 100 yards out and shooting hours were almost up.  This is my first buck with my new CVA Accura V2.  It may not have the biggest rack, but it sure will fill my freezer!  Thanks for making a great bullet/sabot combination.  Worth every penny.

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