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Harvester Muzzleloading


Mike from Indiana

Tuesday, 27 December 2022 09:22

I wanted to reach out to you about the PTG 300 gr bullets I received as samples and then also ordered 50 more to use.  I have been using the PTG 300' with the crush ribbed sabot (H15045BR) in my CVA Accura V2, 110 gr. Blackhorn 209 and a Winchester 209 Primer.  As I prepped for muzzleloader season I checked the Bushnell Trophy DOA 250 scope and made some minor adjustments. 100 zero now in the X, I went to 200 yds and using the BDC of the scope for the 200 yd mark it was also touching the X (see attached).  It is so nice to have the BDC and the bullet flight sync up.  4 days later I was able to take a buck at 110 yds with a quick reload then a doe at 60 yds that he was following. Both deer dropped where they were standing and both rounds passed through.

With this accuracy and design along with the outstanding customer service I have received I will continue to be a Harvester muzzleloading customer for many years and will recommend them to anyone who asks.


Mike from Indiana