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Harvester Muzzleloading


Richard from IA

Friday, 27 June 2014 10:11

  Randys  12.30.12 Smoke PoleDeer Randy smoke pole off hand 50 yards Randy 2012 deer

Good morning all you Good Buddies,


My 2012 deer hunting is now over and I couldn’t be more pleased. As you may know, I feel the deer herd is at risk for a devastating disease do to overpopulation. Therefore, for the past several years I have been encouraging all to harvest does to reduce the herd size. The DNR estimates a 10% reduction in our area. I feel it still needs much further reduction.


I had three tags for three seasons and filled the first two using my favorite deer harvesting recipe which is:

a Harvester 45-240 PT Scorpion Bullet in a Harvester 50 Cal. Rifle – 45 Cal. Bullet Crush Rib High Pressure Sabot propelled with 90 gr (black powder measure) of Blackhorn 209 High Performance Muzzleloading Propellant ignited with a CCI Magnum 209 shotshell primer in a Ron Laughlin Breech plug in my CVA 50 Cal Kodiak Magnum with customized trigger pull.

For several years I have been looking for an effective combination to humanly harvest deer in Iowa and at the same time avoid excessive damage to the very precious venison. I find the above combination to fill the bill very nicely.